Lectures 2012


National chairman & invited guest faculty

January, 20th , 21st & 22nd / Delhi

INDO-US Foot & Ankle Course


  • Management principals and algorithm of care for talar fractures
  • Subtalar arthritis- open arthrodesis
  • Calcaneal malunion


Invited guest faculty

February, 5th  & 6th / Vapi

 Organized By :

Physical examination of foot and ankle: Demonstartion

GOACON – Annual Conference Of Gujarat Orthopaedic Association


  • Are we too casual for foot and ankle injuries?


Invited guest faculty

May,  25th,26th & 28th/ Delhi

AO Foot & Ankle Course


  • Radiological anatomy of foot & ankle
  • Talus: peripheral fracture management
  • Midtarsal dislocations: Management
  • Adult acquired flat foot syndrome
  • Reconstruction after compartment syndrome
  • Indian foot & ankle scenario
  • Workshops

Invited guest faculty

July, 1st / Banglore

Cadaver Workshop On Foot And Ankle


  • Lateral ligament reconstruction
  • Calcaneus fractures
  • Cadaver workshops

Chief faculty

August,  26th / Amrawati

Amrawati Operative Foot And Ankle Workshop And Meeting


  • Foot and ankle examination
  • Calcaneal fractures: ORIF
  • Ingrowing toe nail
  • Achiles tendinosis
  • Role of ortho surgeon in diabetic foot
  • Operative demonstrations
  • Case discussions


Invited guest faculty

August, 31st, 1st & 2nd September / Agra

Annual Meeting Of Indian Foot And Ankle Society,IFFASCON-2012


  • Fr Talus: acute case management: what do we know today?
  • Pes cavus
  • Haglund deformity/insertional tendinopathy
  • Role of orthopedic surgeon in diabetic foot
  • Saw bone workshop – Calcaneus, lisfranc and talus fractures

Invited guest faculty

September, 12th / Ahmadabad

AOS(Amdavad Orthopaedic Association) Foot And Ankle Update


  • Foot & ankle trauma management: is it different?-to include more details on calcaneus trauma
  • Heel pain: Approach & Management- shockwave therapy must, algorithmic approach,lateral pain
  • Achiles Tendinopathy
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Invited guest faculty

October, 3rd to 6th / Delhi

APOA(Asia -Pacific Orthopaedic Association) Annual Meeting


  • Are we too casual for foot & ankle trauma management?
  • Pathomechanics and conservative care of AAFD


President BOA, Organizing chairman & faculty

October, 7th / Vadodara

BOA(Baroda Orthopaedic Association) Foot And Ankle Update


  • Radiological anatomy in foot & ankle
  • Management principles & algorithm of care: talus fractures
  • Operative management of AAFD


Invited guest faculty

October,  18th & 19th / Jamnagar

Academia Orthopaedia Jamnagar


  • Should failure occur at all: foot and ankle fractures

Symposium chairman & Invited guest faculty

December, 12th to 16th / Chennai



  • Malunion in foot and ankle
  • Calcaneal malunions
  • Standing room video presentations


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