As an orthopaedician, I realised that learning comes the hard way. The more mistakes you make, the better clinician you are! Every mistake in the field of medicine has a toll on it. Should you desire that what mistakes you made, the generation next, shall make similar mistakes? And also pay the toll for the same? If not, why not transfer the legacy of errors and suggestions to avoid such errors to the generation next?

Precisely this is the value that touched my heart. The mentorship was the way forward for me. I decided to be a mentor of young orthopaedicians. The list of my fellows is ever increasing. Thank you, my lord, for bestowing me with energy and wisdom to mentor more and more youngsters. Let me die empty!


” A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it. A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do.”

– Dr. Rajiv Shah

Fellowship Testimonials

We have tried to learn your skills of -amazing surgical skills, decision making, surgical planning,  time management, dedication, patient love, care and empathy. You are the key that unlocks our mind when we are in dilemma for any case at any point of time.  Thank you Sir, for all you have done to uplift us in foot and ankle speciality. We can still remember the over time you worked and operated cases so that you can train us well so that we could learn and understand as many cases as possible. Hats off to you.

Dr. Aradhana Rathod


“Dr Rajiv shah has inspired lot of next generation surgeons like me to pursue foot and ankle surgery. I am always indebted to him as of my best  mentor”.

Dr. Aditya Somayaji


Dr Rajiv shah is a mentor to many Orthopaedic Surgeons across the country including me. He has been a pivotal pillar in my career. His passion in teaching and dedication to profession is a real inspiration. I have learned more than orthopaedics and foot and ankle during my fellowship at baroda. He always encourages us to do better than our best.

Dr. Abdul Gafoor

Clipart Kerala

Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir is the best gift to India’s best foot & Ankle Orthopaedics. He is a mentor to many of us and I feel blessed to have the good fortune of being his first fellow..

Dr. S M Ajoy


Dr Rajiv shah sir
Not only great father of Indian foot and ankle society, he is my mentor. He is a good teacher and intrested to teach all orthopedic consultants not only in India but all over the world. Whenever we have doubt in orthopedic as well as non orthopedic subjects ,when we ask whatever may be the time , he responds to each and every messages and questions. This quality I have never seen in any orthopedic surgeons so far.This quality I like to imbibe from him and like to practice the same way he does. His vision in foot and ankle is wide, he does not keep things which  he learned with himself and he spread the knowledge to all other fellow colleagues and like to spread foot and ankle knowledge generation after generation in foot ankle speciality…

Dr. Velmurugan


Dr.Rajiv Shah   mentor and idol in foot and ankle surgery field. I inspired by his passion for foot and ankle surgery.He is very humble and always ready to help in any difficult cases..even at late night he guided me for various cases of foot injury. I salute him for his dedication to this field.He  always ready to help juniordr with knowledge and his experience. He is so kind ,and allow orthopaedic surgeon to watch and learn his technique of foot surgery i’m always thankful to him and Sunshine global hospital

Dr. Dudhat


Dr Rajiv Shah is a rare gem in the Indian orthopaedic community , he truly believes in spreading knowledge about foot and ankle surgery and the development of surgeons in a field which has not been developed before. Along with being a great surgeon he is a great human being and imparts values which are essential for development of his students in all aspects of life.

Dr. Deniese Pascal


For me Name of Dr Rajiv Shah sir is synonymous for foot and Ankle orthopaedic in India. He is a master of his subject  with deep knowledge which he always wants to pass to his colleagues and juniors.  What I have been  learning from him in foot and ankle Orthopaedic is helping me a lot in my practice of foot  and Ankle . I respect him not only as   one of the best foot and ankle surgeons  of our country and my teacher but also as a good human being .

Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay

Dhar (M.P)

The short term fellowship offered at the Sunshine Global Hospital, Vadodara, India under the mentorship of Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir is a highly structured programme. It provided me with the unparalleled experiences and exposures in the field of foot & ankle surgery.
Dr. Shah is pioneer in the field of foot & ankle surgery in India with a huge body of work in this field.
I find myself immensely lucky to be able to attend this programme in Jan, 202. It was a career enhancing exposure for me which helped me branded my horizons in the management of various aspects of foot & ankle cases, using innovative and practical techniques. I am highly impressed with his methodological approach, extensive subject knowledge, attention to details and passionate teachings. The exposure in modern diagnostics physiotherapy, orthotics and prosthetics was equally enriching.
The programme exceeded all my expectations and I am ever indebted to Dr. Shah Sir for this opportunity.
Thank You Sir,

Dr. Yogendra Gupta


For Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir…
Best and always look towards teacher and a devoted and excellent surgeon…
Always try to copy him… for giving Best service to patients.

Dr. Gopal Kela


Dr. Rajiv Shah has profound contribution to establish foot & ankle branch in Indian orthopaedic fraternity. I am extremely grateful to him for giving me an opportunity to train under him. I am really indebted to the hospitality he provided during my training with him. He subtly gives his opinion when asked for treating my patients. At the end I can say he is the most beloved personality I have ever worked with.

Dr. SumanyuKumar Tripathy


For Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir…
Best and always look towards teacher and a devoted and excellent surgeon…
Always try to copy him… for giving Best service to patients.

Dr. V M S


A visionary like Dr. Rajiv Shah sir can change a vision for others. Such a humble soul can only generate love and respect for all.
Very much indebted to you Sir.

Dr. Pawan Sadhwani


I was privileged to have worked under Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir as a Foot & Ankle fellow. He is such a humble, patient and knowledgeable person. He took such a keen interest to train the fellows. Following the fellowship, I had decided to pursue Foot & Ankle speciality as orthopaedics. Whenever I had any doubt/clarification regarding a care, he was always ready to help. I consider him as a foundation pillar of Indian Foot & Ankle Society. His contribution to the Indian & International foot & Ankle society is immense. I am grateful to be his student. I wish him more success in his life.

Dr. Naveen H.T


Dr. Rajiv Shah sir, great teacher and great surgeon. I have learnt many things from him. He has taught not only orthopedic principle but also general principle of life. He is always ready to help his students. Thank you so much Sir.

Dr. Harpreet Suri

Thane Mumbai

I can proudly say that I have been trained by Dr. Rajiv Shah in Foot and ankle Surgery. My perception in approaching a patient with foot & ankle injuries totally changed after working with you, Sir. Utmost dedication and meticulous nature are the two greatest qualities which you possess in abundance which every trianee should imbibe.

Dr. Ravi Teja


I have learnt, about Dr. Rajiv shah’s passion for the toic and his patient care with so much dedication.
I have learnt clinical examination, special radiological views, preoperative planning and surgical reconstruction of fractures, deformity correction and ligament reconstruction surgeries.
I have assisted many surgeries with Dr. Rajiv sir. he Does procedures with atmost care and meticulously. I am really gratful for sharing his vast experience and knowledge with me. I sincerly thank him for giving me this opportunity to work under him as a foot and ankle fellow for a period of 6 weeks. Thank you..

Dr. Arun Kamal

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Everything was good in respect to academic, exposure and cooperation. I learned a lot and it was a dream come true type experience i had. ‎I was following foot and ankle courses & IFAS for last 2 years but i learned more than that in lasr 15 days. i am extremely grateful to Dr. Rajiv shah sir and his team.

Dr. Rajesh Rana


Nice institute of fellowship with
1. Good academic discussion by sir
2. Variety of cases of foot and ankle were seen during there periods in OPD
3. tips and Tricks by sir are excellent.
4. Good hospitality by instituter and sir
5. How to diagnose foot and ankle case, how to examine a patient were nicely demonstrated by sir which increases and enterest more to the foot and ankle surgery.
6. Highly motivation to study.
7. How to improve ourself and how to deliver excellence. Tricks are given to us by sir.
8.Well co-ordinated bu hospital staff.
9. It is your grateness sir for allowing and giving time from busiest schedule. It is actually a package of study academic. How to do good surgery tips and tricks in the short terms.
Thank you very much for allowing us for this period under your excellency sir.

Dr. Sudarsan Behera


My fellowship with dr. Rajiv Shah sir started on 12/09/2021. And last two weeks of this fellowship have been excellent. Two weeks we have spent here in vadodara would definitely help me have a good foundation for my future practice in foot and ankle orthopaedics. Dr. Rajiv Shah Sir has taught us from basics of the foot and ankle to the advance surgeries of the same. In his very busy schedule. He is not only taught us about clinical examination, radiology, patient management protocols but also help us solving any difficulties and queries we had. we could observe and assist varient of the cases such as lisfranc fracture management, pan tular arthrodesis, deformity correction surgeries, surgeries for pes planus and many more. we were thrilled to get a chance to assist upcoming surgeries like ‘Total talar replacement’. Not only his clinical, surgical and managorial skills but sir’s empathetic approach towards all his patients are the things. I would like to follow in my future practice. Dr. Nirav, Dr. Vakhat, Dr. Nasim And Dr. Rajesh along with all the staff at Sunshine global hospital were welcoming and extremely helpful. I would definitely love to come back and learn from the master of foot and ankle surgery and the pioneer of the same in India, in future. I would like to mention my colleagues Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Sudarsan who were with me for my felloeship tenure. Both of them were very helpful and all of us would definitely be benifited by this training. I would thank sir for this opportanity.

Dr. Sagar Vivek Kakatkar